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..so nice to receive……

Hi Marvin,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Yes it is a bit hard with the TNR, have had no luck unfortunately with finding support, but am still working on it. These kitties are certainly fertile! I do not have a trap as all the cats I have taken in so far have been tame enough to let me pick them up and carry them in a cat cage.  The boys however are a different story, there is only one who is friendly and he is particulalry smoochy, so when I do get to start on the males I would definately like to take up your offer of borrowing your cat trap if the offer still stands 🙂
Goodness yes I cannot imagine how incredibly busy and overwhelmed you must be with young ones right now, there must be so many puppies and kittens born these past three or so months. I really want to say a huge huge thankyou to you, you and Jaiya’s have been the only one that has never said no and has always agreed to help in any way that you could despite all the work you have yourself and I really truly appreciate that.
I am however pleased to announce that I have managed to find a foster mum for my kitten, through various emails cirulating from Karen and others I have found a foster who has a kitten of the same age as my little one and is happy to foster her as well. It is fantastic although I won’t lie and say that Im pretty sad to give her up, getting used to the two hourly feeds she’s such a little spunky one! But I am pleased that she will be looked after by someone more experienced than I and will have a little kitten snuggle buddy.
My other question for you was whether there was anything you needed any help with at the moment, and Im sure there must be, anything that unfortunately does not involve fostering (if this was my own place I would probably have 10cats!)?
I am currently doing some volunteer work with PPAR out at the shelter where they were looking after Meimei for me as I am currently looking for a job and therefore have a bit of free time.  Please if there is anything I can help wit I would dearly love to help in any way I can, with adoption days or printing or writing up things, anything please just let me know. I would love to help now that I have the time to do so.
Once again thanks so much Marvin, all your help and supportive words are reassuring and inspiring 🙂

Thankyou for all the amazing work Jaiya’s does for Sanghai’s abandoned babies.

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