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Rescued Tongchuan cats

昨天凌晨5时许,由4位爱猫志愿者领头,最终成功吸引约50名爱猫人士参加的一场救猫行动,在铜川路285弄的一处猫贩 “物流中心”展开。截至上午9时30分,爱猫志愿者们先后成功阻止了9大箱、约150只待运猫咪被运送出市。由于志愿者们的堵截遭到猫贩子们的强硬对抗,个别志愿者在冲突中受伤。

At five o’clock yesterday morning, in lane 285, Tongchuan Rd., Shanghai, led by 4 cats lovers, who successfully called for 50 cats lovers to start a cat rescuing action. The place is used by the cat nappers to transfer  and shipped cats  to detonated markets outside Shanghai. Until 9:00 in that morning, there were 9 wooded boxes squeezed with around 150 cats were stopped by the cat lovers. However, their rescuing action met  with severe resistance from the cat napper,  who violently hit some of the volunteers and caused them injured in the conflict.




This action was taking place in  lane 285, Tongchuan Rd., closed to a big hotel accessories wholesale markets.  With broad entrance, the place is commonly parked over night with long-distance lorry. As time past it becomes a place gathered by some logistic industries. At 4 o’clock yesterday morning, the cat lovers heard that someone was secretly shipping cats in this place. “At first arrival, we have only 4 people. We didn’t come in rashly but watched silently on the roadside. “  Said by Rainbow, who is among the 4 people that firstly arrived. At that time it was still night. She recalled,  and that they observed  there were moter cycles come in and deliver goods from time to time.  The “goods” they delivered were bundled into deep color PE bag.  There were some people waiting in the lane, equipped with a large amount of cages made by bamboo. This cages is commonly used by the cat nappers to ship cats.






Though the policemen presented at the sight, the negotiation was absolutely failur. According to Ms. Shang, a volunteer took part in the negotiation, the cat lovers were trying to convinced the cat nappers not to ship cats outside Shanghai, and they even propose to buy the cats. The cat nappers didn’t pay any attention to them. There were many cats being loaded into the cages, and there are still motor cycles bring cats in. Probably  they catch sight of the policemen, many motor cycle rs turn away when arrived the entrance of the lane, brought with them at least 200 cats.

It was very annoying that the cat nappers were very tough despite the presence of policemen. “They cried in front of the policemen that they would have killed the cat lovers with any possible way  if the policemen did not come.  Afterword, there were many cat lovers told the journalists that they were threaten by the cat nappers. The cat nappers said that they have known the name and address of some cat lovers and would take revenge of them if the cats were stopped to ship out.

To avoid the conflict between two sides, special policemen from Putuo District were sent to the sight. At the same time, the cat lovers called for more supports via micro-blog, telephone and other Internet communication. By 9:30, there were about 50 cat lovers rushed from every corner of the city to the sight.

The policemen suggested that both sides should refrain from conflict, but this doesn’t work. The cat lovers ask to release the cats at first before the negotiation, as the cats were almost suffered to death under severe bad condition. However the cat nappers insisted on loading and shipping the cats. Then the cat lovers were trying their effort to stop the truck. Some jump on the truck, and some even lay down under the truck. The cat nappers began to drive  them  away. Many cat lover was injured by their neck and  hand. One of the volunteers even claimed she was kicked on the stomach and felt almost beside the truck.






At 10:30 in the morning, the policemen decided to take the cat nappers, together with the truck loaded with cats to the police station.  Many volunteers then came and began emergency rescuing to the cats still in captive. ” We bought 4-5 boxes of mineral water, and some cat lovers brought a lot of cat food. ” Pointed to those cats trembling inside the cage, the volunteers said that these cats are all trapping from neighbourhoods. The cat nappers pay the petty thieves to go around everywhere in the city to steal cats. Each cage are squeezed with around 15 cats, which are in the condition of extreme horrify, starving, dehydration, extrusion. This bad condition cause illness of many cats, therefore they need to be fed with food and water immediately to prevent them from dying.
In one of the cages grabbed by volunteers,  a large mousetrap caught was found. Inside the cage there was a sparrow hung on the steel wire. According to the volunteers, the sparrow was used as bait to attract cats. The cat nappers put such cages with bait made from sparrow to the places where cats are possibly living, thus many  cats which are curious and are captured when they step into the cages.
Based on roughly checking, there were about 9 boxes of cats that are stopped by cat lovers, totally around 150 cats. The rescued cats had been distributed to different shelters in the city. According to one of the volunteers, the cats will be sprayed and adopted by cat lovers.
At present, the cat nappers are under investigation by policemen and the relevant governmental departments.

Video link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/ka8YmdxmjGA/

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