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Help find 2 cats a home….

I got your information through Shanghai Animal Rescue, and I would like to ask for your help to help me relocate two of the cats I rescued last year. I was planning on staying in Shanghai long term but unfortunately due to some visa issues and personal matters, I will have to leave China in December 15th.

Momo that in Japanese means “Peach” is an orange and white two year old boy who was found in an alley way at 4 weeks, he was really weak and could barely walk. After lots of care and love, he is now a very healthy cat, but seems he had a bad experience when he was a baby; so it takes him some time to get used to new people. He likes to sit on laps, loves his tummy being rubbed and cries a lot if you don’t give him lots of love. He’s the funniest cat I’ve ever rescued, he likes to roll around the house and give you the cute look so you pet him.  

Tia Maria is colorful 2 and a half year old tabby who was found in a garden at 3 weeks old her eyes were still blind and needed to be bottle fed. Now Tia is a healthy kitty who loves curling up on her owner to keep warm. Tia is quite vocal and likes to rub up against people. She has a bit of a dog complex and will pretend to be very brave whenever there’s a new comer in the house. She loves cuddling under the bed covers and stare at you with her big eyes.

I love this two kitties way too much, and I am afraid when I leave I won’t have anyone take care of them. I wish for them to find a good home.
They are full grown cats, de-wormed, deflead and neutered. If I can count with your help to find them a home I will thank you forever!

You can contact me at 15000283247, and my email is maclau_87@hotmail.com.

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