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Help Tria find a home..

My name is Tria and I am 4 months old. Let me tell you about my life so far….

One day, I found myself in a scary situation, being helpless in the middle of the road divider surrounded by moving vehicles. I was only a month old. I dare not take another step as I know I will be run over so all I could do was just cry. I could see humans looking at the direction of my cries but no one crossed the road to really look for me. Eventually, a lady came and searched for me. I was rescued…………….

She brought me back home and there was another big male cat living there. I was happy as I thought he would be my brother. Sadly, even after 3 months of living together he would not accept me. I’m constantly being bullied and chased around by him so I stayed close to my Rescuer whenever she is at home. Still, I was happy and content as I know I’m safe and being cared for by her. My personality mismatched with the older cat has caused a lot a stress at home and now my Rescuer’s spouse wants to throw me back out (he has never accepted me from the beginning too) as he thinks I’m the problem.

Please do not let that happened to me. All I know now is to be around humans in a home and I don’t ask for much but for food, water, a place where I can be safe and lots of love.I am being misunderstood when I’m actually very affectionate towards humans and love to be cuddled when I go to sleep. I thought I was rescued and be safe forever but now my life is about to change again…for the better or worse.

Please adopt me.

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