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7 adorable puppies available for adoption!

Hi Marvin,

Yes i want to post them on your web. Anyway in a short 8 puppies were born to a semi-stray in the bushes on 19 August in the morning (currently 7 weeks old). Why semi-stray cause she doesnt have home and she is slepping outside close to our stable. I feed her everyday on the way to the stables and one chinese lady who really would like to adopt her (besides she has her 3 chiwawas) that she has at home, but the dog doesnt want. Dr Stephanie Goltz knows about mother-dog and saw me feeding her and she said that she needs to spay her once puppies are gone. I took this responsibility cause i like mother dog. i decided that i dont want them become stray. Originally we set up little shelher in the bush with chinese lady, but after 5 weeks we move them to chinese lady’s courtyard i bought 2 sets of fences. We did it cause it was dangerous since they started to wander around, we lost one puppy:(( crying. I was really sad …They are already on solid food Royal Canine Starter and Inaba, japanese wet food for weaning puppies, moreover mother still nursing them which is really good. I am going to Dr. James Holder tomorrow. We do vaccination, deworming and deflead, but deflead i already did and he will check general health one by one. I leave them at the clinic until sunday adoption date. After that i cant bring them into original location and not sure what i will do then. If we are successful on sunday and get adopted or foster at least half i would be really happy.

If you could help me on that that would be great! At least get fosters and i will try to find a home for them. The good thing is that the pups are still with nursing mother (excellent nutrition) and also they get opportunity socialize with people and other dogs (3 chiwawa’s). I am there for them everyday too. Its crutial that we find owners/fosters since 8-12 weeks of puppy’s age is most important and that every owner can shape the puppy to their needs. I know there so many out there dogs they need owners. I wish i could adopt them all, but i cant.

Please see the photos. The last one is the shelter that the chinese lady and me build for 8 pups and mother. Just because she refused to go to her home. But after 5 weeks as i mentioned above we had to do it and force mother-dog to enter chinese lady courtyard. I can do one by one photos if you want. Let me know.
thank you as always!!
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