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Kitten rescued from Lupu Bridge

** from rescuer **

On September 16 My husband successfully rescue a little cat from Lupu bridge! I received my husband’s call and was told was at home at 10am. I was shocked, because he just sent me to work and should be in the office at the moment. He then asked where our cat cage is. I was anxious to ask him, is our Lulu or Abao accident?
His reply made me so unexpected: “ No, I just saved a kitten back! ” It turned out that morning while he drove the car through Lupu Bridge, he heard a cat cried, looked at the mirror to see a grey kitten curled up on the roadside.
It is too late to stop and without any response from me (his pregnant wife whom sat beside him), he secretly made up his mind to send me to my office nearby People’s Square and then turn back to Pudong and go through Lupu Bridge again to save this kitten. After a big circle back to the Lupu, he parked and went down to catch the kitten.
However it is so dangerous, and difficult to catch a frighten kitten in a high way. It soon escaped between my husband’s legs to the bottom of the vehicle, then disappeared.
My husband went around the car up and down to look for the kitten, even by shooting phone video view, but he failed. He has no option but to hit a double jump lights by a speed of 20 yards down to Tibet Road ground. Entering into a quiet garden and came to a complete stop then continue to search the kitten in the bottom of the vehicle. When he almost gave up, finally he saw a tuft of fur behind the wheel. He startled, regret of his wrong behavior to miss the little life.
But there was no blood, he made his last trail by shooting phone video view. Finally he found it, a grey color-like, scared and pitiful guy. It trapped behind the wheel, the only rescue way is to remove the wheel.
My husband did this only way and carried its neck into car although the frighten little guy fierce husband by roaring . After returning home, bathed dewormed and defleaed, the little gray guy became into a lovely little white kitten.

We named this guy as Qiaoqiao, because it was reborn from Lupu Bridge. Now Our lulu is its best friend and looks after it as its own father. I really hope to adopt a little qiaoqiao to accompany my Lulu and Abao. But sinceI have 32 weeks of pregnancy, we can’t save a new cat at home.. And, in order to encourage my husband to continue to rescue the weak kittens from highway, we have to find Qiaoqiao’s real papa and mama via JAR Adoption Day to leave enough space for future rescue.

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