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Looking for help with an adopted rescued kitten…

Greetings Marvin.

We went to the clinic today. Dr. Stephanie is on vacation, so we made an appointment with Dr. Sunny. You were right; the clinic is very good and clean, and staff is very professional.

Overall, Mika (the kitty) is healthy. She only has an infection inside her ears, but nothing extremely serious.

We want to thank you for the advice and help, we really appreciate it. And hopefully Mika will be safe and happy with us.

We are sending some pics so you can take a look at her.

Thanks again.
Erlan and Sofía

We are a married couple living in Shanghai.
Yesterday we found a kitty in the gardens of my wife’s university. She is quite friendly and playful, and approximately 3 to 4 months old. She also looks well fed as if someone had been giving her food lately. Our concern is that, normally, although there are some cats around that area, whenever new cats are born they would disappear suddenly; we’ve heard that some people may come take them to cook them later. And so we have decided to give this kitten a chance.

We have already wash her with a shampoo for fleas, we cleaned her ears and fed her with boiled chicken, but she isn’t drinking her water. We also notice that she has a big belly, a bit swollen; we don’t know if it’s due to breastfeeding or what. She isn’t defecating at all and her anus looks a bit bulgy. It may be a hernia, but we hope it isn’t as terrible as that.

We would like to get her properly vaccinated for the time being, therefore we’re looking for clinics and places that may do it for not such a high cost as Paw clinic, and as we are aware there isn’t many vets with western standards here in Shanghai.

Any help or advice is welcome, so we will be waiting for your reply.

Erlan & Sofía

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  1. G.
    October 5, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    During Stephanies vacation in October there is going to be another German vet at Beck&Stone. She is called Dr. Patricia Frielingsdorf

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