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JAR AD – Oct 7th (Papas Bierstube)

What a lovely morning to hold our animal adoption day! Surprisingly busy, loads of rescuers and foster carers came and brought in their wonderful rescues.

Thanking all the people who kindly donated and bought our JAR pet items for donation purposes.
THINK ADOPTION for donating soft toys, cat litter, trays, and carriers donation, and for Doggy House donating dog biscuits, bones, jerkies and toys. We thank you all for your awesome support.

We are glad to announce that a total of 15 animals got adopted out at the event! – 5 cats, 7 puppies and 3 adult dogs.
We also had animals another 2 animals adopted from private viewings. Overall a successful day!

Please find below some pictures from today. We are looking forward to AD next week at COOL DOCS! We hope to see you there.

Thank you all for your support. Keep spreading the word….

1) Shanghai American School Carnival (13th Oct)
2) Cool Docks – Animal Adoption Day (14th Oct)
3) Shanghai Dog Fair – Expo Village (27th Oct)

** Fundraising events **
* Yew Chung
* SCIS – Let the Pies Fly

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