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Meet George Burns..

George Burns is a very attractive marmalade-coloured 12-week-old male kitten, who is gentle and playful and enjoys company. 

He is trained as an indoor cat and usually spends the day inside on his own using a kitty litter tray.  He meets you at the front door upon returning from work stretching and meowing his greeting.  I think he spends the day sleeping.  Then he plays outside for an hour or two, even now that it is getting dark early.  Then he easily comes inside on the offer of wet food, which he loves. 

He has dry food always available upon which he grazes, but will usually finish a sachet of the Whiskas wet food immediately it’s offered. He has one sachet each day and drinks water, but hasn’t been introduced to milk or other liquids so far. 

He is happy after a couple of meows to settle in a sleeping accommodation overnight.  This can be a small room with kitty litter or garage or the run of the house.  He seems to settle easily regardless of this choice.

He is wonderful company and very affectionate.  He prefers to lie in contact with you, usually with his head on your ankle.  He had a very hoarse meow when first brought home.  He sounded like a lamb.  Now he has developed a deep meow and purrs as soon as he is patted.

I hope he keeps someone very happy over the next period of his life in his new home.

** Approx 12 weeks old. Healthy and will be receiving his first vaccine shot this week **

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