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Cat needing a family to love her forever!

Dear Marvin,
Thanks for your reply. The cat I picked up caught cat panleukopenia but she is fortunately recovered now! I am sending you a write-up below and some recent pictures so that you can help circulate it amongst your group. She is a yellow, 2-month female cat. We call her Doudou.
A friend and I picked up her on Sunday Sept 23 on Nanjing Xi Lu, near JC Mandarin Hotel. I gave her some dry cat feed but she didn’t seem to want to eat. She was very skinny and just kept walking westward. Office was close by, so we got a box from the office and gave her some water. She had diarrhea at that time. We took her to the doctor and she was diagnozed with cat panleukopenia. She had a collar on her when we picked her up, so we figured she must have belonged to a fruit store or something and the owner probably thought she looked sick and therefore threw her out.
The poor soul went through a few tough days initially at the clinic. But luckily she recovered from panleukopenia after 4 or 5 days. But her digestion system is still delicate and needed special care. We kept her at the clinic during the holiday and her situation significantly improved. She is too young for a bath but the nurse cleaned her up quite thoroughly, so she is no longer the smelly dirty kitten we picked up. Her only problem now is ringworm on her right ear and her chin. Considering her young age and health situation, I guess it is quite inevitable that she catches ringworm. The doctor is already using med and the ringworm is showing signs of going away, although as you know these things usually take at least two weeks as he moves from special diet to normal diet for kittens under 4 month. Because I have two cats at home, I am keeping her at the clinic for the moment (Beikang is the clinic that we went to).
In summary, doudou is fully recovered from panleukopenia now and is very active. She is as cute as any young kitten is at this age and curious about the world. I try to go to see her every day, and she is clearly improving every day. Her diet is normal now and she knows how to use cat litter. The doctor confirms that she can be taken to a new home any time now.
Could you ask anyone who would like to take her contact me via email (olitomato@gmail.com)?

Pictures are here:
http://www.douban.com/photos/photo/1733439680/ (also attached)
Thank you for your help.
Best regards,


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