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JAR AD 11th Nov 2012

What pleasant weather that brought us today (even though it was a little windy) to hold our adoption day at Cool Docks.
It started off with rescuing a Husky!! A gorgeous male Husky that we saw wandering the streets….Obviously abandoned. Major skin problems and quite thin……we luckily had people from FunPlus Clinic come and collect her. We hope to him get better real soon as he is such a friendly boy!!!
After an exciting moment, we had a quiet spell first thing but an influx of people came after lunch time and we managed to adopt out 10 animals today! Well done and good luck to the animals that are in their forever homes!!

We introduced some new items today that were sold for donation purposes. We have pillows, dried fish jerkies for cats, adorable dog wears and Christmas pet toys….

Thanking all the support from BARK, DOGGY HOUSE & FUNPLUS VET CLINIC.

Upcoming events:

Please don’t forget JAR will be participating at the CONCORDIA International School Christmas Bazaar on Saturday Nov 17th and the German International School Christmas Bazaar on Dec 1st.

Tentative date (Nov 25th) – JAR will be guest speakers at the Greenology Vegetarian Restaurant, where our volunteers (Gwen – Senior European Liaison Officer and CF) will do their speeches about JAR’S mission and animal rights.

December AD’s – 2nd & 9th December!

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