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Some information about Alex..

I found Alex meowing behind some shrubbery at my local shopping center.  She was just a tiny little thing about the size of my hand.  When I got down and called for her, she came right to me!

At home, I put a towel in a small box and she stayed in there for a while, only coming out to eat some mashed up wet kitten food occasionally.  When I wasn’t looking, she would sneak out of her box and wander around my room – under the bed, behind the desk, behind my vanity – to sniff and explore.  She was absolutely adorable!  That night, she settled down and fell asleep on my felt purse for the whole night. 

For the next few days, she was very shy but still quite curious.  Slowly, she got to know me and would meow for me to pet her or play with her.  She loves to play with straws, paper balls, and her own shadow.  When I’m working, she keeps me company by sitting in my lap and sleeping.

Currently, Alex is a little over a month old.  She has no known parasites and is de-wormed.  She is still too young for any shots at this time.  She is very playful and affectionate and very curious about all things.  She eats approximately two tablespoons of mashed up wet kitten food four times a day.  Outside of her normal feeding times, I have some dry kibble set out for her to snack on if she gets hungry. She doesn’t drink kitten milk.

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