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A new rescue


I have a new rescue in our Family. I saw her a few times on a field where i walk my dogs, and on friday she followed me to the car.
We named her STELLA. She is a aprox. 4 month old puppy girl. She is adorable and playful. She is having a good time with my boys. She is a bit shy and unsure and needs to learn to walk on the leash. She had a complete check up and is perfectly healthy. ( No parvo, distemper, fleas) She has already been dewormd and next week she will be vaccinated. She only has a small handicap on her right leg. She limps but just because her leg is actually 5 cm shorter on that side. But otherwise she is fine.
As sweet as she is i can not keep her, thats why i’m looking for a family who would like to adopt her. She is a fast learner and is good also with kids, however in the beginning she needs some time to adjust. I also have another problem, i’m leaving next week and i need a place for her to stay. I could board her in a kennel but i think she will learn much more if staying with a family.

So if you know somebody who could take her for 10 days ( i can take her back after holiday) or want to adopt her please let me know ASAP.

Thanks a lot.


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