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Dog rescued in Pudong, Jinqiao

** Dog available for adoption. Health checked and given a clean bill of health **

Hi Marvin,

Please find the atached photos.

She’s 16kg.
She’s 1.5 years old, or younger.
She has very shiny white teeth.
She doesn’t bite things or bark.
She’s often nervous when I tried to take her in and out, I needed to carry her in and out after walk. She seemed unhappy to be led. And now she’s getting better and better.

During the walk, she’s very cooperative. She adjusts herself to my speed, and doesn’t eat on the street, or chases cats without permission.

Photo 1 was taken right after the shower, she run out of my bathroom, scared, then hided under the table.
Photo 2 was taken 30 mins later, after I tried to blow her dry, unsuccessfully.
Photo 3 was taken the second morning, she used my dog’s bed.
Photo 4 was taken this morning, when she was waiting for me outside my bedroom.
Photo 6-8 were taken before I took her back.

She’s now happy to see me, since yesterday afternoon when she’s welcome me back.


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