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Gorgeous Xi Xi available for adoption!

Her name is 希希 (Xi Xi), I gave her this name meaning “hope” as she was struggling to live without mummy. She was born on Oct 7 2012. Her mum ran away right after giving birth to her underneath a car in my compound. A cleaner in our compound found her and put her in a box near my garden. She was left in the cool evening for about 2 hours before I saw her when walking my dogs. Xi Xi had a strong survival will and was ‘meowing” loudly all the time, I guess for her mummy and milk 😦

Xi Xi finally pulled through  and is now very well and healthy, living with a caretaker. As much as I would love to , I can’t keep Xi Xi  with me as I have 2 hyper active golden retrievers whom I am afraid might hurt her accidentally. I hope to find a loving family to adopt her. The caretaker is very kind and loving, putting in tremendous efforts to raise Xi Xi.  However, she is very busy with a lot of customers’ cats and Xi Xi is kept in a box most of a time. Thus , It will be great if you could foster her and provide her with a friendly environment to learn to play with other cats.

If you can help and adopt this little furball, please let us know!

Thank you.

 photo 2 photo







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