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Rescued dog at the Bund

** UPDATE **

13th Jan, 2013
Hi  Marvin,
This is the new life of the dog that I have found, is in the clinic Zhong hua Road.  His name is now is Jak and will be  vaccinated and followed for 10 days. Let’s find him a good family!

Greetings Adriana.

8th Jan, 2013

We advised and contacted the rescuer. The dog was rescued and taken to the vet (vet address to follow on next update) for a health check. He is a small and timid dog, yet cuddly and loving when comfortable.

He will be kept in the hospital for a week or so for health reasons, so during this time, we hope to find him a permanent or foster home.

** 1st message from rescuer below **

Good day,

This morning I  found an abandoned dog in Puxi area, near Zhongshan Road (Bund)  and Riverview Hotel.
He is not in good conditions, cold and hungry. I’ll send to you some pictures.

He is scared but if you give him some food he is more collaborative.
I cannot take him to my home because Ihave another dog, but I am sure he has an owner.

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