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Changsha Cat Rescue-1.1​4 长沙救猫

On the early morning of January the 14th 2013, just after midnight, there was a pressing emergency in Changsha, the capital city of Hunan province. A large truck with over 40 cages, full of up to 1000 cats, was headed to Guangdong to sell the cats to restaurants for slaughter. While it was travelling through Changsha, the truck was in a traffic accident and was stuck at an intersection. The driver was sent to hospital, and the captured cats were left stuck in the truck. The driver refused to answer reporters’ questions. All of these cats were severely mistreated and starved, having not had any food or water for many days. Many thanks to a police officer Mr. Wang Yujing and among the others were calling for help through Weibo for local Changsha people to come and rescue the poor cats.

With the driver of the truck in hospital, the organizer of this disgusting bloody business arrived at the scene along with policemen and local volunteers. After much negotiation the volunteers collectively donated ¥10,000 (1,600 USD) to the cat napper. Finally at 2am, the suffering cats were released to the volunteers. Some cats were taken home with the volunteers, while most will go to a rescue shelter and the Vets to be treated.

Much appreciation goes to the loving volunteers who have given up their time in such freezing cold temperatures to save these beautiful, suffering cats. Many thanks as well to the power of Weibo, the rescue of these cats would have been much harder without the fast and efficient transmitting of messages through Weibo.
This is a terrible situation for loving volunteers to be in. While we don’t want to give a cent to the cruel evil, there was no other way for them to save the poor cats. If the police were to insist on having the cats released to the volunteers, we would not have to pay anything to the horrible cat napper. The capture of cats is criminal, but this doesn’t stop greedy and selfish kidnappers from stealing and hurting cats. Current food and safety laws do not allow food that has not been quarantined to be eaten, but that is not enough. We are calling for stricter animal protection laws to be introduced, to protect those who cannot speak. 
Briefly translated by Joy Gao 金椒妈

Link of a police officer Mr. Wang Yujing calling to rescue the cats-王于京警官呼吁长沙救猫http://weibo.com/1729736051/zet2tB4S7

Link of @晨光亮影 calling for rescue the cats – #深夜拯救千只笼中猫#http://www.weibo.com/guo1978


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