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Cat caught in trap! – help needed!


I am getting in touch with you regarding a poor cat I found in the trap (pictured below – apparently a rabbit trap). I was walking my dog and heard a cat crying in pain. When I investigated, I found the cat attached to the trap by its foot and hanging upside down through a mental fence (it couldn’t get through because of the piece of wood). Anyhow, I managed to get the cat but couldn’t release from the trap and knew that it would require medical attention.

I took the cat to PAWS in Pudong where he was x-rayed and found to have no broken bones, just a nasty deep wound that require 2 weeks of anti-biotics. As I have a cat, dog, newborn baby and toddler at home I cannot take the cat in. Therefore, I have paid for the cat to stay in PAWS until it recovers and will pay for it to be neutered.

The cat is approx 1 year old and male with beautiful blue eyes. The vet (Dr Hao) says he has a nice temperament and is very nice for a street cat.
I was wondering if you could help me get him adopted. If not possible, unfortunately I have no choice but put him back in my compound garden. I am also contacting SCA and asking friends.

I will send you a picture of the cat in a separate email, it’s not clear as it was taken in a cage at the vets.

Thanks and keep up your amazing work at JAR.

Best regards,


Trap Safe and on the road to recovery....

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