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Cocker Spaniel available for adoption!

My wife and i found a female Cocker Spaniel in a gasstation in Pudung last week, she was totally panicked and dirty but when i kneeled down she immediatlely came to me looking for shelter. Chinese bypassers just laughed and said you take ! you take ! WHO on earth LEAVES A DOG LIKE THAT ??? Although we cant keep her ….. who can leave a dog like that like a piece of trash in a gasstation ??? So we took her to rescue he from that terrible place hoping we can find her a home.
We her cleaned up in a petshop, we gave her rabies injection….and now also anti-worm (we discovered yesterday she has worms)….she’s probably 3-4 yrs old
She’s with us now 5 days > KINDEST DOG EVER ! wonderfull with kids, very friendly to visitor, real affectionate dog. You can take away her food while she’s eating, never ever any sign of agression. BUT …. we cant keep her home because we have a baby at home and my wife is pregnant and we are afraid about hygiene / possible disease … and we for sure need to move for few month abroad in about 4 wks.
She’s domestic…she like to be around people, prefers even to sleep at night in your room….so kind…
Can you pls help us find this wonderfull dog a nice home please??
Thank you
PS: see the photo, we gave her the temporary name Lily

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  1. Kylie Ericksen
    March 3, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Hi, just wondering if you still need a foster home for “Lilly?” Also wondering if she does well with other dogs?

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