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Meet Holly…..

** Holly is  mother of 8 pups that have been homed through JAR.   Currently living at DRBS clinic since 9 November 2012. She attended last months JAR adoption day and there were people interested in adopting them, but the Chinese New Year holiday break faltered the plans and potentials were not committed…..an obstacle that we always come across nearing a holiday! **


Holly is a stray, who was rescued by a good Samaritan, Ivana.

When she was ready to have her spayed, Holly gave birth to 8 puppies.

Ivana could not leave her in the streets anymore, and took her home.
Nursed the puppies to health, and then found a home to them all.
And now it’s Holly’s turn. Holly is shy, but once you get to know her, she gives you love and affection.
She is fully vaccinated, spayed, de wormed and front lined, and fully house broken.
She is medium size. She would be great in a apartment as well as she really is very quite and calm.
She has a companion, Max, who helped her through some tough time, helped her taking care of the puppies, sheltered her, shared his food with her.
He is a small dog, a bit more feisty than Holly, but very affectionate, all he needs is a place to call home. And lots and lots of love.

If they could be homed together, that would be amazing, as they do rely on each other.
Now living in the same cage in the vet’s clinic.

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