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Chongqing Dog Rescue


At midnight on the 1st of March a truck was seen carrying many dogs in Shapingba District in the municipality of Chongqing. A volunteer saw the truck and called the police, where it was found that the truck was carrying over 900 caged dogs in horrible conditions, heading down South to be slaughtered. It was just in Chongqing that 1000 dogs were rescued from a truck in January 2012.
Soon, more volunteers arrived at the scene through the help of Weibo. After very long periods of waiting and negotiations that took up the whole of Saturday the 2nd, the Quarantine Head Officer and the police of Shapingba refused the volunteers’ pleas to release the dogs, and insisted on letting the truck driver go.
During these negotiations, the few volunteers that were there tried to help the dogs in their conditions. The dognappers then hired gangsters to come and beat up the volunteers in an effort to get them to leave. The police looked on as this was happening, and did nothing. It is absolutely disgusting to see the police completely ignore such violence occurring and how corrupt the justice system can be. The dognappers and gangsters have used their dirty black money to buy out a route for them to get these poor dogs to the Guangdong Province, and all that matters to these police officers is what that can get from this. 
Many of these poor dogs died during these negotiations throughout the day. It was freezing cold and they had no food or water, piled into small cages that were stacked as high as 3m. Despite the volunteers trying their hardest to save these dogs, they were stopped by the gangsters and dognappers. Around evening time on the 2nd of March, the police and quarantine officers insisted on letting the truck drive away with all of the dogs.
A couple that had arrived at the scene after seeing the news on Weibo found their own kidnapped Golden Retriever in one of the cages in the truck. They begged the police officers to at least release their own dog back to them, but they refused. The suffering couple had to watch their beloved dog go with the truck, not knowing if they will ever see their dog again.
Mr Chen Zeming 陈泽明one of the brave directors of “Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association”, and another two volunteers pursued the truck with the dogs. They followed the truck and they again successfully stopped the truck at a toll station in Qijiang County, a suburb in Chongqing. Through urgent calls via Weibo, more volunteers arrived. The police arrived and everyone waited for the Quarantine officer to also arrive. This officer said that if the dognappers pass their quarantine inspection for the dogs, then they will be allowed to leave. If not, then the dogs will be released to the volunteers.
During this time, volunteers wanting to bring the dogs down from the cages in the truck were blocked by police, who refused to let them near the truck. Finally, the volunteers were allowed to take the dogs down, after  4 hours of heave loading, the dogs were given food and water and they stayed with the dogs until sunrise, keeping them company and waiting hopefully to be able to release them soon. Mr Chen and the volunteers are right now still trying to negotiate with the police and the Quarantine officer. The fate of these dogs is still unknown, and more information will arrive as the events progress.  
We greatly thank and appreciate all of the volunteers who have put so much effort into helping and saving these dogs, especially to the first volunteer who arrived on the 2nd of March, who is also heavily pregnant. Another woman with her four month old baby and her husband was also volunteering at the scene. Right now thousands of loving people from inside and outside of China all over the world are sending messages, calling for help and giving support to the volunteers and the 900 dogs. We hope everyone’s’ hard effort will pay off and that these poor dogs will be released soon.

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