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Cao Cao looking for a home…

Name: Cao Cao (草草)
Breed: Mixed (中华田园犬)
Color: Cream (乳白色)
Sex: Female (Spayed) 母 (已绝育)
Age: 1.5year (1岁半)
Size: Small size (weight 7.5kg) 小型 (7.5kg)

Experience: A kind lady found Cao Cao at the gate of a compound during 2012 Chinese New Year holidays. Cao Cao was tied to the gate, trembling in the cold wind. Cao Cao was still a puppy. The lady had pity on her and wanted to know who the owner was, but no one knew the owner. The residents of the compound brought Cao Cao food. How time flies! Cao Cao grew up and became bigger. Of course the range of activity she needed became bigger. She was closer to the guards. Some of them liked her, but some didn’t like her.

Considering Cao Cao’s safety, in the evening they let her stay in the balcony of the trash room in the compound. The lady spent a lot of time playing with her in the evening. During the day, guards still tied her to the door. Some people kicked her, but she had no way to escape. One day she disappeared. When the rescuer saw her again, she crouched in the corner and looked very timid and nervous. She even tried to bite while a stranger got closer to her.

On Nov 7, 2012, she was sent to BuddyDog School for training, mainly to help her re-build her confidence and improve her social skills. She is very smart, she completed advanced obedience training. Now she is a lovely and playful dog. She got her confidence back and gets along very well with other dogs and people. She is currently with BuddyDog School and is eagerly looking forward to join a loving family 🙂

For more information, pls contact Bess: 158 0210 0791|



后来几个女孩找到了Buddydog。2012年11月7日来到了Buddydog接受社交技巧训练和服从训练,一个多月之后,草草终于长胖了一些,也恢复了自信,对人和其他狗狗都十分友好。草草十分聪明,是条好学的狗狗,除了服从科目,她还会很多小玩意儿。BuddyDog School 衷心希望草草能找到一个很好的家庭给予她应得的爱!

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