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Mu Mu available for adoption!

Name: Mu Mu  (木木)
Breed: Old English Sheepdog (古代牧羊犬)
Color: White and Grey (灰色,白色)
Sex: Female (spayed) (母,已节育)
Age: 4-5years (4-5岁)
Size: Medium size (weight 21.3kg) (中型犬,21.3公斤)

We first saw Mumu in Octorber last year. She was walking in the middle of a busy road. Obviously she was terrified by the cars passing by. Sometimes she stopped, sometimes she looked around. We were shocked by that dangerous situation. We brought her back immediately to the side of the road. We patted her gently. She felt easy, resting her head against my leg. She was very clean. Her color was very clear: white and grey. Her dazed eyes told us that she was lost. We walked her along the road for 2 days hoping to find her owner! We even asked the residents along the road about her owner, but we got nothing. We brought her to the vet for a check. The vet told us she was very healthy, but unfortunately she didn’t have a microchip. Then we took her to Buddydog School without any hesitation. We wrote micro blog for her. Meanwhile we started giving her basic obedience courses. The time goes by quickly, she completed the courses, but we didn’t get any response from her owner.

Mumu has a very good nature and temperament. She loves to play with people and other dogs. She never argues with her playmates. The happiest moment for her is to carry a used basketball and run on our grassland. Also she loves to have a walk on a country lane. During the walk, she would run ahead of you, and then stops to look at you. Once she finds she is far away from you, she would stand there and wait you to call her back. She will definitely be a darling to a loving family!

For more information, pls contact Bess: 158 0210 0791



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  1. Jasmine
    March 26, 2013 at 11:54 am

    How much is the dog??? Also where do I see the dog for a visit???

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