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Tiao Tiao – Looking for a new home..

** Update (26th April, 2013) – Tiao Tiao was successfully adopted!!  **
** Email received by owner **

Dear JAR,

I have a female cat around 1 year old looking for adoption urgently. She has been vaccinated and sterilized in the vet’s. I wonder how we can join your JAR Adoption Day in Apr 6th and find her a family who can take permanent care of her. Please advise the
procedure, thank you.

About a year ago, I found this little kitty (about 2-month old at that time) in the bush near a big busy road in Pudong, with big trucks and cars roaring by over 80 km/hr speed. She was starving and she kept “talking” to me asking for help. I tried to look for her mother for almost one hour but found nothing. I was very worried about her safety as she can barely walk, she might easily get hit under such busy traffic. So I decided to foster her until someone can adopt her, or until she’s big enough to take care of herself. Despite my family’s strong objection, I took her home and name her “Tiao tiao” (Jump jump). My husband and I have delayed our plan to get a baby because of Tiaotiao. Now it’s almost a year and I’m under big pressure. If I can’t find some one to adopt her, I’m afraid I have to put her back to street again.

Here’s some picture of her which might help gain some attraction from potential adopters.

Please kindly help me. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you very much and happy Easter holiday!

20130330_182411_mh000 20130330_190952_mh000

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