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Foster home needed urgently!

Goofy is a very friendly and mellow dog. He is house-trained, neutered, fully vaccinated and has an ISO microchip tag.
He was born in January 2012 and rescued off the streets in March 2012 by one of our dedicated volunteers.
Goofy was adopted out in April 2012 but sadly his story doesn’t end here.

In the past months problems with the adopter arised. The original rescuer of Goofy was forced to help and intervene countless times. Gradually, the rescuer became aware that the adopter had major personal and health related problems. Sadly, it turned out that an advanced alcohol addiction leaves him unable to give Goofy the care he deserves and makes him unreliable and irresponsible. He doesn’t keep the dog safely inside but every other day, Goofy is seen running freely and unsupervised around the residential area. This has led to problems and complaints with other residents. The management has become involved too,
threatening to have Goofy deported and destroyed.

We are now desperately looking for a foster home for Goofy. He needs to be taken out of his current home into a safe environment. He is such a friendly dog, is used to cats and other dogs and would also be fine with older children.

Can anyone please help out?


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