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Piglet for rehoming

** UPDATE: Gilbert is going to his new home next week!!!! We are so happy to give you all this news! All the best to Gilbert in his new home! **

Hi there,

I am contacting you because I have found your email online while searching for animal charities in Shanghai.
I have an unusual request, and I know you may not be able to help directly, but any advice and support would be much appreciated!!
I rescued a piglet a couple of months ago, after he was bought on taobao to be in a film of some kind. After the shoot, he was abandoned and I took him in. He has been fully wormed etc and neutered by James at PAWs Vet clinic in Puxi.
His name is Gilbert and he is still small and very cute – well behaved and fully house trained to use a litter tray. He has a great personality and loves to cuddle – in many ways he has the best qualities of a cat and a dog! I would love to keep him but he is not a miniature pig and will eventually be the size of a large dog and very heavy. He needs to find a home with a garden, with owners who will not just keep him for CNY dinner or sell him to someone for slaughter.
Early on I found someone who was very excited to have him, but at the last minute they found out their area is being developed and they will be rezoned by the government, possibly to a smaller home without a garden, so they cannot commit to take him. I am pursuing some other potential leads, but any advice or support in putting his information online etc would be very much appreciated.
Please let me know if/what I can do.
Many thanksMargot
GIlbert Lap copy IMG_0654

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  1. April 10, 2013 at 10:11 am

    That piglet is the most adorable thing I’ve seen this week! I hope it finds a caring home soon 🙂

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