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kitten looking for her forever home

** Email received from rescuer **


This little cutie we have been calling BLADE was rescued about 2 weeks ago from the rock climbing gym inside shanghai indoor stadium.

Her Bio so far:

There was a horrible squalling coming from inside a storage closet at the stadium all day. Neither the employees nor I  could get the door open. They gave up but I could not leave the poor little thing thinking she might starve to death in there.

I ran back to my place got my tool kit, blazed back over and we took the door off the hinges and got the little thing out.  She was quite malnourished and traumatized.  Who knows how long she was in that dank little prison alone or how she came to be stuck there in the first place. She could barely use her legs and was quite helpless.

Two weeks later she is bright eyed and bushy tailed. She looks great,  she’s playing all the time, very happy and healthy. One of her hind legs was a little weaker than the others but she seems to be growing stronger every day and using it normally now. Already litter box trained, very smart!  Lots of fun to have around the house. She has not been to the vet yet for shots.  But so far appears totally healthy.

She is  still tiny- probably about 6 weeks old now.  Unfortunately we are all allergic to cats here at our house (haha). Yet we suffer for her cuteness.  I will be leaving in June so need to find a ‘forever home’ for her.  Or at least someone who is planning to be in SHA long term and to make sure she will have a good life.  Please call us if that is you!

Give us a text if you would like to come meet  her and take her home!


86 183 219 65648

blade blade2

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