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Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday puppies

** Monday & Tuesday were successfully adopted! Only Wednesday to go! **

Name: Monday
DOB: Feb, 2013
Gender: male
Health: Defleaed, dewormed and vaccinated.
Breed/Color: Mixed, White with grey spots

Name: Tuesday
DOB: Feb, 2013
Gender: Female
Health: Defleaed, dewormed and vaccinated.
Breed/Color: Mixed, black with grey face and feet

Name: Wednesday
DOB: Feb, 2013
Gender: Male
Health: Defleaed, dewormed and vaccinated.
Breed/Color: Mixed, Grey


Monday Tuesday and Wednesday is a 3 of 7 puppies found in a factory warehouse. In early April, when I walk with my colleague after lunch, I heard a puppy’s crying.  Following this voice, I found a little puppy who was stuck behind a heavy door of a warehouse, trying to get out of there. I moved the door and took the poor little one out. He is a black puppy, about 7-8 weeks old that time, very shy and timid, didn’t know what to do in such a situation, just keeping quiet in my arms. I have ever seen several stray dogs sauntering in the factory yard, so I thought his mother must be nearby. When I was about to walk away, a dog barked. There it is! The mother dog, and also another 6 puppies in the warehouse! I put the puppy down, and he run to his mother immediately. In the following days, I went to see them twice every day and feed them. They became familiar to me as well. The puppies always wag their tails and run to me happily when they see me. Because there are 7 puppies, I named them from Monday to Sunday. 4 of them have been adopted. Now, the mother dog is being spayed in hospital. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are looking for someone who can adopt them permanently. Monday is a cute boy, white hair with grey and grey spots on head and back. He is the most vigorous one, also the biggest among her siblings, likes jump here and there. Tuesday is a girl, smaller than his siblings, black back, grey face and feet, sprightly and vivacious, curious about strangers, eager for food. Wednesday is a boy, grey fur, calm and quiet, likes sleeping, timid but courteous. He knows how to use toilet without training. Once he is familiar to you, he can be very playful. All the puppies have been defleaed, dewormed and vaccinated. At present, they are living in my home. I’d love to raise all the cute ones but I’ll leave Shanghai for Sweden in August for further study. So I have to rehome them before my leaving. If you are considering adopting or fostering them, please contact me or come to JAR adoption day. (Rescuer: Nanu/田媛; email: tianyuansmu@live.cn; mobile: 15802175945; skype: nanu.tian; QQ:827203678)

Monday Tuesday 和Wednesday是在一个工厂仓库被发现的7只小狗中的3只。 4月初的一天,我和同事吃完中饭散步的时候听到一只小狗的叫声。我们顺着叫声在一个仓库的铁门后面发现一只小狗被卡在门口面。我把门打开把它抱了出来。小狗大概只有7-8周大小,在我怀里一动不动,很害怕的样子。 我曾在这个厂区见到过几只流浪狗,想必这只小狗的妈妈就在附近。正当我准备去找狗妈妈的时候,听到了从仓库传来的她的叫声,周围还有6只小狗!我把怀里的小狗放下来,它马上就跑回了妈妈身边。接下来的几天,我每天都去看他们两次,给他们喂食。渐渐地他们对我熟悉了,每次见到我这些小狗都会摇着尾巴跑过来。 因为这一窝小狗有7只,我给他们按照周一到周日(Monday-Sunday)取的名字。现在狗妈妈正在做绝育手术,4只小狗已经有家了,还有Monday, Tuesday 和Wednesday要找领养。 Monday是一个很可爱的弟弟,白色,两只耳朵和眼睛周围是咖啡色的,背上也有咖啡色斑点。他是7只里面最大的一个,活泼好动,贪吃,喜欢跳来跳去的。 Tuesday是个黑色的妹妹,脸和四只脚是黄色,对陌生人很好奇,活泼开朗,很贪玩。 Wednesday是个灰色的弟弟,比较安静,喜欢躲在窝里睡觉。胆子小,但是很懂事,没教过就知道用狗厕所。他和熟悉的人在一起的时候也喜欢玩。 所有的狗狗都做好了体内外驱虫,打过疫苗。目前他们三个都在我家,我很想养他们,但是我八月份就要出国了,所以必须在这之前帮他们找个家。

如果想领养他们请参加JAR的领养人或联系我。(救助人: 田媛; email: tianyuansmu@live.cn; 手机: 15802175945; QQ:827203678)

Thank you!


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