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Help! Stray dog in need of a home….

Dear friends,

My name is Juan Ferrer and I’m contacting you because few days ago I found a dog in the middle of the road, totally lost. He jumped on my moto and after 30 minutes asking if somebody knew him I had to decide between leaving him in the middle of the road (where he would have probably got himself killed) or taking him back home. Because I truly love animals I decided I had to take him home with me, somewhere safe and warm.

I know you probably heard about this all the time but this dog has indeed an amazing character. If you meet him you will just fall in love him!! After just 3 days with me, he already take free-leash walks, is super friendly and playful, doesn’t bite furniture  neither barks, and does not pee or pu at home. The way he is makes me be sure that he was already living in a family and somehow got lost. I know you must have a similar situations, thats the reason I tried to solve this issue by my self. For three days I´ve been going to the same area I found him and with a picture of him not only asked people if they know him, but also post some picture around the neighborhood. Still not answer.

To be honest I wish I could take care of him, but the problem is that I already adopted one dog and two cats in the very same way and I really cannot afford to have an extra dog! The cats are not used to dogs. My dog is respectful with the cats and let them alone, but this dog wants to play and chase them all over my home so the cats feel  scared by him. Besides, he keeps trying to copulate with my female dog so I got to be allways vigilant to not let that happen plus keep them in separates rooms when I am not at home or while sleeping. As you can imagine, the last thing I want is to have some puppies!! On the top of that, I’m living with my brother and his girlfriend, they both also love pets but the house is way too small for all of us.

In conclusion is impossible for me to take care of him.

I would be forever thankful if any of you could take care of him until he finds a new house (I am sure wont take long).

For your reference, take a look to attached photos. He is medium size, male, blond and short fur. I am not sure if he has any specific breed, but he is beautiful and I have seen this type of dog few times already.

I know you will do your best, but also know you have your concerns about wether the dog will ended up finding a house, for that reason I encourage you to come over and meet him so you will see by yourself what a such nice dog he is!

My telephone number is 18516000783.

Bests regards

Juan Ferrer

image imagea

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