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Need help with 5 kittens!

Hi everyone, I’m writing to you with a big plea for help.

I was walking home yesterday when I heard a few cats meowing loudly. It was dark and cold and I decided to look for them. They were so small that it took me quite a while to find them. What I eventually found was a family of 5 little kittens all cold and afraid. Given the their size they must not be older than 2 or 3 weeks.
I was able to collect them with the help of a bypasser in the street and we both brought the kittens to the youth hostel where I currently stay in People Square.
I could feed them some milk with a straw but that is the only thing I know to do with cats. Also, my hostel dos not usually accept animals. They accepted me to keep them for one night already but they are not willing to let me keep them any longer.
That’s why I am urgently looking for someone who can take care of them or just a few of them.
I did phone some shelters but many of them are closed because of holidays or say that they are already full and can’t accept any more kittens.
I’m really afraid because without proper attention, I’m afraid that they will die pretty soon.

If you think you know anyone who could accept these cats – shelter, a hospital, or a generous person, please let me know ASAP. It’s all for those kittens!

Thank you in advance
155 0213 2238
IMG1379 IMG1380 IMG1381
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