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Adult Cat: Fudan

Adult Cat: Fudan

I am Fudan (named after the place where I was born and rescued at Fudan University) I had been rescued on 11 September 2012. The rescuer-Student came to my aid when I was in very bad condition (couldn’t eat at all due to pain in my mouth) sitting in the middle of the pedestrian road. The rescuer took me to Dr. Beck and Stone clinic where I was treated with various medication for Gingivitis and Stomatitis (G+S) – the mounts diseases and moreover I have been diagnosed with FIV. But that doesn’t really matter I still want to continue enjoy my life with some good loving person who could take care of me and in return I am ready to give loooots of love.  I am a special cat and I need:

Home: nice loving parents with no other animals living in and need to be living indoor

Food: Royal Canine – Adult Cat and sometimes I like vet canned fish food when my mouth is sensitive

Treatment:  1) FIV positive – need living indoor, parasite control and checkup 2x a year, no raw food and no other animals at home.    2) G+S – need to continue current treatment of homeopathy for sometime in the future;  Its curable with 85% rate of success; however subject to changes and the vet discussion on the treatment.

Character: I am very quiet, like my scratchers and toys and I also am sometimes very funny watching nurses;

Surgery:  I had been neuter in October 2012;   also vaccinated and dewormed;

Home someone can give me a good home.  I would be very happy!!

Ivana: 138 1629 0230

Fudan cat

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