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Puppy Greyhound is looking for a home….

** Message from rescuer (Melodie) **

Good morning!

Yesterday afternoon I found Sofie in the street (Haifang lu, close to xi suzhou lu), running, being really scared of people trying to catch her…I managed to get her to come close to me and hooked her up with a rope (she fought and scream like I was torturing her!).

I think she is less than a year old (she still has a puppy face and puppy fur), she is not spayed (couldn’t see any scar), she is scared of dogs (whatever size) but she is very good on leash and walk without pulling (almost all the time), she doesn’t bark at all, she is very skinny and obviously didn’t eat for a long time. My husband call her the puppy Greyhound (she is really thin and tall).

She is now at my friend’s place close to Cantina Agave, but he can’t keep her, and I can’t either (already have 3 dogs and 3 kids….and one of my dog is really aggressive). I have until Friday to find a place for her.

This little girl would be perfect for someone without dog or for a person who never own a dog before (she is very easy going, medium level energy). She is so sweet that I am trying to talk my husband into taking her, but he still resists (4 dogs is not that much, is it?).

Please feel free to contact me at anytime!

Thank you very much in advance for your time and help!!!
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