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** Rescuer’s blurb **

I know Holly over 1 and ½ years. First time I met her during the very cold weather in January.  It was close to our stable where I usually get washed my car.  The lady (not the owner, but she tried to help her) – where she was residing told me about the her how she was transferring her 5 pups from bushes (I witnessed one carrying across the road) into the little shelter where Max was sleeping, almost on the side of the road, but with little roof.  So Max sheltered Holly’s pups.  Since then I started to feed her real good quality dog food and deworm them both and apply flea treatment.  Holly has develop into a nice dog with shiny skin.  Almost everyday I drive to the stables and see them.  It was heartbreaking when they saw my car they started to run to greet me. If I didn’t go to the stable I gave the lady bag of food to feed them both. Back in June 2012 I missed her heating period (she got pregnant with 8 puppies for which I found great expats families). I promised myself that I will find good owners for her pups.  They were born 19 August and since day one we created little shelter in the bushes where Holly conceived her 8 pups.  Me and the lady build a little shack from the bricks and secured it against rain.  It was hot and humid so lots of mosquito treatments were necessary.  Good food for Holly and additional food for pups.  I consulted all this with the vet, we lost one pups after 5 weeks (but I found him after 5 months – now with Australian family all happy).

At the age of 7 weeks I took all puppies to the clinic to check them and vaccinate them.  It was a big project for me since it took me a while to find right families. And I did.  Then mid of November 2012 I took Holly and Max for spay and neuter surgery and since then we kept them there.  All happy in great clinic and nurses, good food, warm and love getting from everyone.  As I said my original plan was to bring them back to streets, but as per Dr. Beck advice to try them to find nice families, since truly they are great dogs.  I took them for a car ride, to restaurants, testing how they are with kids and it all passed the test. Unfortunately really haven’t been tested in family situation, but I have 100% trust in both of them.

Holly is shy, but once you get to know her, she gives you love and affection. She is fully vaccinated, spayed, de wormed and front lined, and fully housebroken. She is medium size, 11kg weight, she would be great in apartments too as she is very calm, quiet. She went through rough stages in her life, for example she was almost killed for meat, got her left paw trapped into man-made trap (I have a photo). As a result she lost 3 of her nails and is slightly limping from time to time.  Not a big deal since she can run and is a happy dog.  I truly love her, so it is important to me what kind of family she will go to.

Maxik – is a small size dog, mix of chivawa; about 6kg weight, neutered, dewormed, deflead, fully vaccinated and also fully housebroken.

Max’s character is very outgoing, very talkative, feisty, but very affectionate and excited to see people familiar to him.  He seems more independent that Holly. He helped Holly through tough times and sheltered her pups, share food with her.

Both are truly great dogs who deserve good, but special families who will understand from where they both come from and give them good life.
As I rescued so many animals in my life I am guaranteeing that they both can give lots of love to new owners.

If they could be rehomed together that would be great as they do rely on each other.  But again is not a must and Holly have to get used to it.

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