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Husky for adoption!

** Email received from the owner. We have sent her JAR’s forms stating our regulations and policies (attending our adoption program and encouraging spay/neuter). Posting thread for information **

Introduce about my puppy..

She is 7month old female Red Siberian Husky.
I bought her at husky shop in wuzhong rd.(吴中路) when she was 2month. (2012.12.15) She is not spayed. Till now she only had vaccine for 2times (when i went for the third shot, she got rejected because she had fever.. Got rejected 2times because of fever (39-40degree) but she is very healthy and have no problem. Guess because she is too excited each time she goes to hospital) when she first came to my home had pneumonia and had treatment in hospital for almost one month and then cured. Now she is very healthy and active. She is very socialized and love playing with people and other dog. She is also well-educated so she doesn’t bite people, she is smart and can understand small words (sit/wait/stand-up/hand..and so on but i taught her in Korean..) very very active and kind.

As I leave Shanghai soon (on June) i want to find a good adoption place for her.. I already put ad for her on internet but I got an email from Alejandra and she introduced to me this email address for my puppy. Please let me know how i can find a good caring home for my dog. Thank you very much and i send you some photos of my husky. 2photos are when she was 2~3month, and other two are these days pic..

Thank you!

Best regards,

Chloe Park
image image1

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