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Hoping for help….


My name is Chantel.  I was the kitty mother of two beautiful cats Pamuk (now 4 yrs) and Iki (now 3 yrs old.)  In 2011 I had to leave China to have a baby and 2012 I surprisingly had our second child. Our good friends in Ningbo became foster parents to our cats and provided a good home for them until I could return.  We had absolutely planned to take the cats back in upon our return but daughter and son are still very small and one is very allergic to pet fur. So I am sadly now unable to care for the cats and now my friends are moving back to Australia and can’t take them.

We have asked around our friends but cant seem to find anyone to take them because there are two of them.

They are lovely, healthy cats. They are both snow white and both have one blue and one amber/yellow eye.They are house broken and neutered.  I don’t have any alternative but to contact an animal rescue for help. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, even just helping me spread the word or post the adoption would be amazing.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Contact: chantellis@gmail.com

image-1371189770043-V IMG-20130614-WA0000

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