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Kitten available for adoption!

您想养这只猫咪吗?Would you like to adopt this kitty?

请给我短信/ please text me at  130 5256 0491, 或发电子信/ or email me:  Doris_A_G@hotmail.com


  • 6月8日在豫园在一个垃圾箱后面找到它 。如果没有带它回家它肯定会死。

June 8:  I found her behind a garbage can at the Yu Gardens.  If I hadn’t brought her home she                would’ve died.

  • 6月13日我带它去宠物医院, 现在在治疗感冒和皮肤真菌。

June 13:  I took her to the vet, and am now treating her for a cold and skin fungus.

  • 宠物医生说它可能4星期岁, 可能5月13日左右出生了。 到8周它需要会宠物医生检查。

The vet said she was probably 4 weeks old, maybe born about 5/13.  She would need to return to the

vet at 8 weeks for a check-up.

  • 它特别可爱, 还有特别活泼, 它真需要一个家里会永远爱它.  Not only is she really cute, she’s very playful.  She is definitely not a street cat.
  • 我现在叫它 黄油啤酒 (是从哈利破特来的)I am calling her Butter Beer (from Harry Potter)


625我离开上海,需要快找家里 会永远爱它,要不然它回路上L

June 25  I leave Shanghai, if I don’t find her a home soon to keep her forever, I return her to the street

kitten kitten1

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