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Campus Cats Need Assistance

Email received below:

Attached is a flyer. I would like to bring both of these cats to the vet and will pay for both of their visits. Once I get an estimate from the vet for additional costs, I can determine what more I can pay. Hopefully you can get some donations from the flyer. Feel free to change anything on the flyer or add your rescue’s information. The phone number to reach me at is 13148159252. This is my friend’s number, as I don’t have a phone plan here 

There are two cats currently living on a university campus that are in great need of assistance. There are many cats living on this campus but these two have some medical issues that need immediate attention.  They both have extremely sweet dispositions, despite the constant pain. They would both benefit greatly from a foster home and donations to take care of their medical expenses.

This female calico has a badly infected eye that will most likely require surgery to remove and an injured foot that she cannot put weight on. She most likely needs to be spayed also. She is very affectionate.

cam1 cam2 cam3

This male orange tabby seems to be an older cat
but it’s difficult to tell because he is very thin and dirty. It appears that
he has some dental issues that are making it difficult for him to eat. He also
seems to have an ear infection and needs to be neutered. As you can see, he
desperately wants affection.

cam4 cam5 cam6

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