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Yishan puppy for adoption!


I’m writing to tell you about a puppy that I found recently. I love her to death, but am going back to the USA in one month and so am looking into finding her a good home if I am unable to take her with me.

How I found her:

I was riding the metro on line 9 when all of a sudden a puppy was causing delays! She ran on board and no one would touch her to get her off the train. That’s when I stepped in and picked her up. The guard was of no help at all and wouldn’t even take her from me. After long deliberation in their office, I concluded they weren’t going to help the puppy at all, and decided to take her home in a taxi. I’ve decided to call her Yishan, after the metro station at which she ran into my life!

The next day I took her to PAWS veterinary clinic and was told she seemed very healthy and was given the standard flea and worm medication. Since then I have been taking care of her, with the help of two friends who also took her in for a few days. She is a wonderful puppy! Right from the start she has been friendly toward everyone and everything, curious, playful, and surprisingly– potty-trained. She sleeps through the night without problems, eats well and loves her tennis ball, tug-o-war, belly rubs, and going for walks. She also goes for rides in my bicycle basket with no problems! She just enjoys the ride.

I took her to the Shenpu veterinary clinic in Xujiahui to get her required vaccinations and a micro-chip inserted (these are the necessary requirements for importation to the United States). I am looking into the costs and procedures for flying her out, but want to make sure I’m doing what I can for her in Shanghai if it proves to be impossible to take her with me. I want to leave her in a good home if I have to leave her here!

I have a couple friends who would be wiling to take her in temporarily if needed once I leave, as I know that foster parents are no longer available with the SCAA. So if you could share with me any valuable information like upcoming adoption days and requirements for participation in that, I would be so grateful.

Thanks in advance for your help,
139 1607 0932

photo-2 photo-3 pup-collage

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