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Sheila’s story….

Dear animal lovers,
We rescued Sheila about 3 weeks ago.  Happened to find her just nearby our compound and she instantly  melted down our hearts.
She’s such an adorable puppy, about 4 months old, very active and playful  and the moment we rescued her , we took her to a check up. So far, she’s had 2 check ups plus 1 vaccination, she’s been dewormed and  as well as deflead  and  as our vet told us (one of the best vets in the city) she’s in  a very good  health conditionJ. We’ve been told she’s a 100 Chinese original breed, very clever and indeed a  quick learner. We already managed to teach her how to sit, run after/bring back the ball , she has  a great potential and  no doubt she can make  a valuable life companion.
As for the  2nd  vaccination which  is scheduled on July 1 and we want you to know that we got it all covered by us.
The fact that we have to find her a new home, it’s indeed  heartbreaking for us , I’m a genuine animal lover and both me and my husband got so attached to her, just that unfortunately sometimes you have to decide what will be  the best for your pet, even if it’s a hard decision to make.
Sadly, we will be moving to HK next year and we already have a 1 year-old bunny . In HK, the apartments are noticeably reduced in size and as much as we want to keep her with us,  we are realistic that for  her it will be better to end up having a stable home instead, with a very affectionate and  kind-hearted  parent  who will be able to  take care of her and offer her  a warm and  loving  environment.
We are aware than finding a right home for her might  take a while, we are patient and confident that there will be a suitable parent for her  out there longing to  enjoy a magnificent  company as hers.
We are addressing this message  to all the kind  people out there who are ready to take in their care a cute fluffy friend like Sheila.
Please don’t hesitate to send an  email to chicgabriela@yahoo.com . If you  are sincerely considering about Sheila and have some questions, I’ll be more than glad to answer.
All the best,
Sheila 1 Sheila
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