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Beautiful kittens for adoption

Dear animal friends and rescuers,

Back in mid May this year, I have sent out an email with a request to help a rescued pregnant cat, the sweet tempered Mimi.

I took her to the vet in order to give her an abortion and a spaying, so none of the kittens would suffer either as a stray, or at the hands of an animal abuser. Unfortunately it was too late to perform an abortion on Mimi, as she was too far into her pregnancy. In addition, since she was nothing but skin and bones, her state of severe malnutrition would not have supported her post surgery recovery.

I had spoken to quite a few animal rescue groups in Shanghai and none of them were able to take Mimi in. To find a loving foster home that was willing to take in a pregnant cat with malnutrition was extremely challenging, but after a vigorous search, I was able to find a loving and safe foster home for Mimi. I was very lucky to have found someone I could trust. The elderly lady who was taking care of Mimi was trying to nurture her back to health, but just before she was able to gain her normal weight back, she gave birth to 7 kittens, of which 2 died at birth and 5 survived.

Although I live in Canada, I’ve been in touch with this caring foster home throughout the entire time, and I’ve been well informed as to how Mimi and her kittens are doing.

A good hearted photographer friend went out of his way to take some lovely photos of the kittens, who are now one month old. As you can see from the photos, their eyes are open (about a week ago). These kittens are healthy and perky.

These 5 innocent kittens must be adopted by families who will not only provide them with a loving and safe place to stay as their permanent homes, they must also agree to spay and neuter them, otherwise it defeats the purpose of the rescue. Each cat can generate 250 thousands of kittens, there are more than enough suffering strays on the streets of Shanghai already.

According to my vet, female cats should be spayed after 7months old, male cats should be neutered after 8 months old to be on the safe side.

The kittens will be available for adoption after they receive their first vaccination shot at 8 weeks of age. I will have this arranged and taken care of in Shanghai before the kittens are adopted.

If you know any responsible individual who will provide a warm and loving home to any of these kittens, please give my contact information to them: info@vickytang.com, my cell phone is 001-778-846-4288. Thank you!


Vicky Tang
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