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Miaow for adoption

Miaow is around three years old. She is stubborn and independent but can be quite loving and playful. At first she was suspicious of people and was a ‘scaredy cat’ but over time she has grown to be quite friendly with strangers, although she still takes a little time to warm up to a new location. Like I said she’s stubborn! She loves to play fetch and chase strings. Her favorite sleeping place is in bed, wrapped around someone’s legs, or in her cat tree.

She is quite a low maintenance cat, which is good with the hectic schedules of Shanghai, but she is still great to curl up with for a relaxing movie night, or an energetic play session in the morning. She responds well to people and is easy to train. She might be slow to warm to other cats but after a day or two will become quite friendly, we’ve never had any problems with her while we house-sat other cats.

I adopted Miaow three years ago in Guiyang in the south of China. She was quite small and sickly but has since grown into a healthy, plump cat with no problems. I moved her to Shanghai with me two years ago instead of trying to get her adopted in Guiyang. Unfortunately I will be travelling for business for a couple of months and don’t have anywhere to send her. I am sad to say goodbye to her but I know she will find a loving new home and become part of a new family.

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