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Emergency: Lost our dog!

** We have responded and given her advise. Bilingual poster is going to be produced with a reward. More to follow **


Hi JAR and SCAA and PAW ,

We have a difficult situation and as you guys are the dog experts in Shanghai, maybe you could help us taking things from a different angle.

Here is the story:

We were out of town Saturday night so we asked ou ayi to come and walk the dog.

Our ayi lost our dog Naida in the street last Saturday July 27th. Naida was not on leash for some reason that we still cannot explain.
Last time she was seen was on Wulumuqi South road near Jianguo Road around 7 pm last Saturday (July 27th).

Naida is registered at the Hengshan Lu police station. We went to the police station, but none of the cops are able to tell us what the procedure is. Apparently they have a kennel where they put the dogs they find but we can’t have access to that place and see the dogs.

We are desperate, it’s been 3 days already, and we know that Shanghai is a very harsh place for dogs. We have been searching for her every where in the neighborhood without success.

Would you have any idea? Something else we could try?

Description of Naida:
Kind: Shanghai street dog
Color: Champagne-light brown
1 year old
Micro Chip number: 156000100245865 (so many numbers on the card i am not sure it is the good one)
9 Kg – 20 Pounds
45 cm

Please find attached photos of Naida.

Our address: Wulumuqi South Road 298, 4C, Near Jianguo West Road
156 1890 5770 – 137 9544 9215 (24/7)

Call or email us anytime.

Many thanks in advance,

Laurent MEFFRE
+86 156 1890 5770
135 141

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