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Django for adoption – Urgent!

** Rescuer’s blurb **

Django was found sitting in the bicycle basket at the age of 8 weeks. He was picked up by pet lovers and got into good and carrying but temporary hands. Right now he is 5kg, and 3 month old. Brown eyes, dark nd light brown colour.  Doctor said he will be 10-15 killos max. He already had 2 shoots, and is a healthy puppy.

Loves to try everything around him with his teeth, just like any baby does. Knows commands – sit, down, off, go to your place (sometimes) Has a naughty but adorable personality, hates to stay in his crate, and sleeps best when in the same room with people. Will wake you up if he is alone in different room, but will wake up with you when together. Finally passed the mark – potty trained. Waits to go outside to go to toilet. Loves to run and very social with other dogs, especially bigger size. Understands No, but will try to find his way around it. Still biting but without pressure.

Name: Django
Gender: Male
DOB: March 2013
Health: Clean bill of health but vet advised vaccination to be made week commencing 5th Aug

2013-07-23 01.32.24 2013-06-24 12.35.45

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