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Handsome kitten for adoption!

** Received email message from owner below **


I will be leaving Shanghai for Singapore on 25 August and have a problem bringing my kitten back to Singapore due to his young age.  Toby is almost 5 months old now and was picked up by a colleague when he was just 3 week old kitten in April this year.  He is of local breed, orange and white color and has since grown into a very handsome kitten with a long bushy tail.

He has had all his shots (Eagle Valley), including rabies vaccination and micro-chipped (Shenpu hospital) early last week.  Since his blood can only be drawn after 30 days and the test results need 2 months with the pet physically in Shanghai, I cannot wait for him and have decided to put him up for adoption.  If I need to follow strictly the Singapore law, then he can only travel in mid Jan 2014.

Toby is a very handsome kitten who is very playful and eats anything (I have been feeding him Applaws dry kitten food and sometimes canned wet food).  He is not a lap cat, is a bit nervous and suspicious of others since a young age so he hisses a lot at strangers.  He has a strong character and sometimes plays rough but no amount of teaching or scolding from me helped.  I think a person who has experience in handling strong character cats would be ideal.

Please let me know if you know of anybody who might want a handsome kitten or how to post his information online, and what can I do if he’s not adopted by end Aug.  Thank you.

Wea San

Toby 3 Toby 4 (1) Toby 2

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