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Beautiful cats available for adoption!!!

Smokey: This handsome boy is looking for his own home! Whiskey is about 1 year old, born in the summer of 2012. He is a beautiful, silver tabby American Shorthair with striking black swirls and stripes. I rescued him from the vet, where he was abandoned by his previous owners. He is very friendly, outgoing, loves people, and readily greets any newcomers at the door! He enjoys chasing the laser pointer, playing with toy mice and toy balls. When he wears himself out, Smokey will cuddle up next to you wherever you are. Won’t you give Smokey his forever home?


Kittens: These adorable female kittens, Choco and Brownie, are looking for wonderful homes of their own! Choco and Brownie are black tabby shorthairs and are 3 months old, born mid-May. They are very sweet and playful kittens and would be wonderful additions to any household. They love trying to catch the laser pointer and especially love carrying around toy mice. Won’t you give one of these kittens their forever home?


 Tuxy: This beautiful girl is looking for her own home! Tuxy is about 1 and a half years old, born around the winter of 2012. She gets her name from her tuxedo-looking appearance with the top half of her body being black and the bottom half of her body being white. We rescued her outside of a vet’s office a few days after she gave birth to two kittens. She is very friendly and loves playing with her babies. She enjoys chasing the laser pointer, playing with toy mice and toy balls. Won’t you give Tuxy her forever home?
Tuxy 02

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