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International Cat Courier Assistance…..

August 2013,

It’s been a few months since our last newsletter, so here’s a short update on what is happening at Popup Central. Read on for news of (1) our newest video feature, (2) our recent office move, and (3) our upcoming site upgrade. But first, we’re looking for help with international cat rescue….

## Popup Mission: International Cat Rescue ##

One of our friends (Shi Sisi, who has been on some of our advanced shows) has just moved back to China after some time in Mexico, and for various reasons involving paperwork with international connections had to leave her cat with friends in New York. We’re trying to help bring “Nego” back to China and are hoping to find someone who can help. So if you’re in New York or thereabouts, are planning a trip to China in the next couple of months and are willing to carry an animal for Shi Sisi and hand him over to Chinese customs, please let us know. We can provide all of the documentation on Nego and his ownership, funds to get him checked out by a vet if you need to do that in advance, and we’d be happy to pay for the costs of your airfare too. More importantly, it would mean a great deal to Shi Sisi and by extension us. So please write if you might be able to help: catrescue@popupchinese.com.

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