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Cute Riva looking for a home!

Hi Marvin,

Thank you so much for responding to my FB message.

I found Riva 2 weeks ago while I was out for a walk with my dog. She was placed in a box near the river. I don’t know how long she was there but she was crying and struggling to get out of the box. I guess she was hungry or thirsty as it was getting hot already. I stayed a bit longer, waiting for someone to maybe come back for her or bring her home but no one seemed to care. I feared she might fall into the water so I decided to bring her home.

My husband and I brought her to the vet for deworming and vaccination, and the doctor said she is about 2 months old and in good health. We named her Riva, just because we found her by the river. She is smaller than a Tsingtao beer bottle, weighs 1.1 kg the first time we brought her to the vet, and now she’s already 1.7kg when we went for her 2nd vaccination. She is very active and playful and goes along well with our dog, Toby.

Attached are her photos. If you know anyone who would give her a loving home and provide for her needs, please let us know.

Cheers! Mia

Riva in a bag Riva in box Riva under couch Riva under couch2 Riva@thepark

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