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Kittens for Adoption!

Hi there,

This is Serene here and I have found 2 kittens that are about
3 months old. I cannot keep them as I already have another cat.
I would like to find out if its possible for you to help me post about them?
kindly find an eflyer, a write up and some pictures. I look forward to hearing from you
I have also attached the adoption form. It is not fully filled as I am uncertain of some details
and am also uncomfortable giving out my home address before finalizing the adoption.
I look forward to hearing from you and thanks again!

Kittens for Adoption!

Two 3-month old kittens up for adoption!

Names: Gemma and Tara


Age:3 months or so

Health: Dewormed, deflead, have received their first vaccinations each, with 2 more to go. 

Their Story:

2 little white kittens were found  under my apartment block with what looked like an eye infection. Caked with mud, we took them to the vet only to discover that they had skin problems, were flea ridden, had a really bad case of worms  and eye infections.

After 3 weeks of skin and flea sprays , eye drops and a vaccination each, they are now perfectly happy and healthy!

How you can help:

We are looking for owners who can take them both as they are sisters and  it would  best not to separate them. Also, we suspect one of them is partially deaf (Tara with blue eyes) and relies on Gemma( the one with one blue and one green eye) for cues to run to safety.

Their personalities:


Perfectly white save for a little black spot on her head, and a pair of the bluest, saddest eyes you’ve seen, Tara was the runt of the two, taking the longest to recover. She is sweet, a little less playful than her sister and very calm and affectionate. We think she might be partially deaf and often  watches Gemma for visual cues to duck to safety.


Just like Tara, Gemma is pure white and has one blue eye and one eye that is half blue, half green. Gemma takes a while longer than Tara to warm up, but once she does, she loves to be stroked and played with. She has a playful nature and loves to mess around with her sister.

Things to note:

They are both vaccinated and only have two more shots to go.

If interested, please contact us: 



Gemma2 gemma and tara1mb Gemmaresized1 tara1mb

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