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Paws for thought

Thank you to Global Times newspaper for the article below!

Metro Shanghai (2013-09-09 S6)
By Chen Xiaoru

If you plan to stay in the city for long, and would like to have a pet companion, consider adopting or fostering an abandoned animal rather than buying one from a pet farm or store.

There are several animal rescue groups in the city that are committed to finding loving homes for rescued dogs and cats.

Jaiya's Animal Rescue's adoption day on Hongmei Road Photos: Yang Hui/GTJaiya’s Animal Rescue’s adoption day on Hongmei Road Photos: Yang Hui/GT
Jaiya’s Animal Rescue

Jaiya’s Animal Rescue (JAR) is a group of expats and local volunteers who devote themselves to finding temporary or permanent homes for rescued stray animals.

There are currently about 100 cats and 100 dogs waiting to be adopted. People can apply to become a foster carer or adopt an animal by applying on the group’s website or attending one of their regular events.

JAR holds two adoption days per month, one at Hongmei Road, and one at Kerry Parkside in Pudong New Area. The events give rescuers and potential foster parents the chance to meet and talk, and more importantly for the animals to find a loving home. Members of the public who want to play with the animals or learn about pet care are also welcome to attend.

Pet lovers might be able to adopt a pet on an adoption day, but sometimes rescuers prefer to deliver the pet to the potential adopters’ home so that they can do further home screening.

There are no strict requirements as for the adopting families’ living space. People who live in small to medium sized apartments are not ruled out unless they want a large dog.

“Adoption is a permanent thing. All family members have to understand the responsibilities involved,” Marvin Manalac, founder of JAR, told the Global Times.

He said that potential adopting families have to be aware that they should relocate pets rather than abandon them if they move out of the city.

The landlord needs to be informed if the apartment or house is rented. And also the ayi, if the family has one, has to be educated on pet care and health.

If the family adopts a dog, it is mandatory that they register the dog with the public security authorities according to local law. The police have the right to take away a dog if it is not registered.

JAR rejects adoption requests from students or people who do not intend to stay in the city for long, in addition to other reasons.

People from countries with stringent laws on relocated animals, such as South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, are advised to become foster caretakers instead of adopting a pet.

JAR appreciates a donation of about 200 ($32.68) to 300 yuan when people adopt, although it is not mandatory. Donations go back to help other animals by paying for their food, boarding, medical fees and spaying.

Founded in March 2009, JAR has no physical address or shelter, but relies on a network of foster carers and rescuers to temporarily look after animals in their homes. The group has so far found homes for 62 dogs and 442 cats.

JAR’s next adoption day:
Date: October 13, 11 am to 3 pm 
Venue: Papas Bierstube, 22-24 Hongmei Pedestrian Street, 3338 Hongmei Road
Call 6465-8880 or visit the website jargroup.doodlekit.com for more information

Jaiya's Animal Rescue's adoption day on Hongmei Road Photos: Yang Hui/GTJaiya’s Animal Rescue’s adoption day on Hongmei Road Photos: Yang Hui/GT

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