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A Special Thing!

** From one of our SAS Pudong campus Animal Rescue Club leader statement below **

Hi good animal rescue leaders,

I’m wondering if a few of you have a few minutes after school THURSDAY to help say thank you to a special little girl.  A few years ago, kids at the Links started an amazing tradition of asking for money for a favorite charity in lieu of birthday money.  It petered out, but seems to have started back up again … and today 7 year old Saskia  came by with 1000 kuai she collected for JAR!  In the past, when little ones have been generous like this, I have done a few things:  I’ve got them to present the money to Animal Rescue leaders (more fun than to me), and I’ve let them ‘name’ the next foster animal the money goes to help (which they LOVE).  I’d like to continue that tradition, with a few new ideas if you are all up to it.
Anyway, we’re starting a bulletin board in our school to celebrate all the different ways our ES kids are giving to our club and to JAR.  These are just two of the pics!  The birthday pic is Saskia, grade 2, who raised 1300 kuai.  The other two are Malin (grade 5) and  Riley (grade 3) and they raised 1500.  They are standing with three of the club leaders:  Tim, Liza and Evelyn.

** The money raised has been given to the SAS Animal Rescue Club to aid their rescued animals that is currently being fostered by one of the club’s leaders 🙂 **

IMG_2737 (1) IMG_2739
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